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Who are all these giants in the Bible?

(The Emites used to live there—a people strong and numerous, and as tall as the Anakites.   Like the Anakites, they too were considered Rephaites, but the Moabites called them Emites. Horites used to live in Seir, but the descendants of Esau drove them out. They destroyed the Horites from before them and settled in their place, just as Israel did in the land the Lord gave them as their possession.) Deuteronomy 2:10-12
(That too was considered a land of the Rephaites, who used to live there; but the Ammonites called them Zamzummites. They were a people strong and numerous, and as tall as the Anakites. The Lord destroyed them from before the Ammonites, who drove them out and settled in their place. The Lord had done the same for the descendants of Esau, who lived in Seir, when he destroyed the Horites from before them. They drove them out and have lived in their place to this day.  And as for the Avvites who lived in villages as far as Gaza, the Caphtorites coming out from Caphtor destroyed them and settled in their place.) Deuteronomy 2:20-23
            Many sets of “giants” are mentioned in the Bible.
·         Emites (aka Rephaites or Zamzummites)
·         Anakites (Goliath was a descendant)
·         Horites
·         Avvites
To the Jews this nation of people looked to be giants.  They were strong, numerous and tall.  It doesn’t mean they were twenty foot giants, but in mass, a group of six foot tall people can look intimidating.
The average height of a Jew back then could have been in the five feet plus range so it wouldn’t take much more height to scare them.  These “giants” were intimidating enough for the Jews to believe even God couldn’t stop them.