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Will there be sports in heaven?

Sports are mentioned in the Bible, mostly just track and marathon running.  To me that doesn’t sound like heaven.  To others it does.

In line with the previous question that asked if there will be jobs in heaven, one has to ask the same thing here, “What will the professional athletes do?”  Since rollercoasters makers may make rollercoasters and skateboards skate, will athletes compete like they always did?

Some thoughts on that:

If we need to be entertained, like actors putting on performances and scriptwriters writing plays, then why wouldn’t there be sports too?  Many play sports now so God could receive God’s glory.  In heaven that would be their motivation too.

Would sports be the same?  In heaven there couldn’t be any winners or losers, just competition.  No betting.  No rivalry.  Just game playing.  That could cause sports to lose their appeal.

Then again, maybe those sports guys will have other interests, using their strength and endurance for other activities like construction or food manufacturing.  Athletes don’t just like one thing.  They can diversify.

But, can we play a friendly game of tackle with Reggie White or hit the ball around with Roberto Clemente?  Maybe, but it all comes down to this with every thought about heaven…

It will be the perfect place to exist and God will provide and allow what we need in heaven if we need it.