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Will we have jobs in heaven?

            When God created Adam he gave him a job – name all the animals.  After Eve was created, God told them to tend to the garden and take care of it.  After sin, God told Adam that his job in the garden would get much tougher, fighting weeds and thorns.

            So will we work in heaven?  It appears so.  We think paradise is not working, an eternal vacation, but many of us get itchy when we don’t work after a couple weeks.  Work gives us purpose, fulfillment and accomplishment.  We were made to like those feelings because those are godly feelings.

            God also made us with certain skill sets and passions.  Writers like to writer.  Builders build.  Athletes compete.  Explorers explore.  Managers manage and so on.

            If heaven is described as a city without lots of activity going on, then yes, why couldn’t we work?  Why couldn’t we have jobs for the betterment of the heavenly community, doing our part?

            If all we did in heaven was sing, then only the musicians would feel fulfilled performing at eternal concerts (or they would be very tired).

            A farmer can praise God raising corn.  An actor can praise God performing a scene.  A brick layer lays brick.  Sewers sew.

            But if there is no money in heaven, what will the bankers do?  If there is no sin, what about policemen?  With no enemies, do we need soldiers?

            Not everyone likes to do one thing.  A banker may like gardening or a policeman likes to dance (I would love to see that).  Everyone has more than one passion and we could have an opportunity to express it.