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What kinds of rewards will we receive for our good works on Earth?

Jesus told two parables that both related to the kingdom of God. In Luke 19 11:27 it is called the Parable of the Minas. In Matthew 25:14-30 it is called the Parable of the Talents. Both talk about individuals using resources given to them by a master who asks them to invest and multiply the money given to them. When the master returns, he rewards those who worked hard and made money. He rebukes and tosses aside those who did nothing.

The parable seems to indicate that we are the workers and Christ is the master. We are to work and multiply those gifts given to us to lead others to Christ. One day he will return and we must give an accounting for our works. Our works will signify if we were really saved. Our works do not save us, but those who work hard show that they truly understand their salvation.

So when the Master comes back, what are the rewards? Christ said we are co-heirs and co-rulers in the kingdom of heaven. That doesn’t mean Christ confides in us to reach a decision. It means that the success of heaven has something to do with us. We share in the joy of the “day-to-day” activities in eternity.
According to the parables, some receive more than others. It is possible that some have more responsibility in heaven. Heaven is a place where there is work to be done, since work was an important component of the original garden paradise. Maybe some are mangers or governors or directors of certain businesses or establishments. Heaven will not operate with any competition or need to get ahead, so remove any thoughts of that.

The idea of crowns and thrones are simply metaphors for accomplishments and cannot be seen as literal interpretations. In Revelation 4, the twenty-four elders place their crowns at the feet of the Lord. If we do have crowns, a reward of our accomplishments, they will be insignificant before Christ, so we won’t wear them very long.

The other rewards will be the lives that we influenced while on earth.  Seeing the faces of people who accepted Christ because of our witness will be the best "trophies" on heaven's mantle.

So as for rewards, we receive the joy of knowing that we were used to lead others into eternity and, once there, we may be given increased responsibility to keep heaven running smoothly for eternity.