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How old is the Earth?

This is a highly debatable topic. If we look at the way the Bible is written and take the term “day” in Genesis 1 as a literal 24-hour day, then scholars estimate the earth is 6,000 years old. Those who believe this are called Early Earth Creationists.

The word “day” in Hebrew (yom) has a very loose translation and can mean “an expanded time period.” It could mean a day, or years, or a generation, or a million years. These are the Old Earth Creationists. They believe that God created the earth before there was measurable time, so how could you measure a twenty four period before the sun, moon, earth and planets began their orbital migration.

The important fact of creation that both agree upon is that God started the process of creation. Evolution is not a provable fact. Whether the earth is old or new makes little difference in our theology. What’s important is acknowledging the creator.