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Are you able to talk to Satan like you do God?

Satan is a created being just like all angels. However, angels are not omnipresent (can be in more than one place at one time) nor are they omniscient (able to read our thoughts). You can pray quietly to God and He will hear you. Satan cannot. Angels do live in a spiritual realm, outside the dimensions of what we see and feel, but they most conform to certain limitations as to what they can do.

If you want to talk to Satan, you’ll have to speak out loud and hope he’s around to hear it. However, you have no reason to talk to him. He is the enemy.

In the Bible, only God addresses Satan and demons. God in the book of Job and Jesus in the Gospels.

There doesn’t appear to be any need to speak to Satan. All you have to do is address God and let him handle your situation.

Satan is not your friend.  Your momma was right...don't talk to strangers.