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Why do so many people deny Christ and the existence of Him even when they talk about Him throughout history books?

People have always denied God because God asks people to admit two things:
  1. They are not in control.
  2. They are sinful.
People feel if they ignore God, He will cease to exist.

History books speak of the accomplishments of people who followed God, but that does not necessarily point to the existence of God.  Most history books acknowledge the existence of Jesus Christ, yet they ignore his claims of being God. 
There are other reasons for this denial. Some school books try to remove God from history in an attempt to keep the church and state separate. Also, man wants to elevate the accomplishments of man, so they are apt not to give God credit. God is an integral influence on parts of history—The Reformation, the Declaration of Independence, the Mayflower.

History books are not alone in their attempts to cover up God. Science books are guilty of this too.