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Today, how do “shepherds” ruin the church?

Many shepherds will ruin my vineyard

    and trample down my field;
they will turn my pleasant field
    into a desolate wasteland.
Jeremiah 12:10

            Throughout the Bible, God talks about shepherds who ruin the flocks and harvest.  Jesus too pointed fingers at the Pharisees and Sadducees, spiritual shepherds who led the people of Israel in the wrong direction.

            Today, wayward shepherds still exist.  What do they do?

·         They either abandon the word of God for their own truth or their own interpretation of the truth. 

·         They engage in practices that look and sound spiritual, but are really repetitious movements to make them feel good. 

·         They enforce certain rules to give themselves power and to take away reverence to God. 

·         They blatantly sin, feeling the laws don’t apply to them.

·         They push religion and not a relationship with God.  They work to make the “church” the supreme spokesperson in their life.

·         They focus more on their happiness and not reaching the world for Christ.

If we know the truth, we won’t follow truthless shepherds.  Keep your shepherd accountable and make sure he is leading everyone in the right direction.