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What are all the parts of the tabernacle described in Exodus?

            As the tabernacle (or portable temple for the Israelites) came together, there were a number of parts that made it complete.  The items were made from acacia wood, gold, silver and bronze.
·         The ark of the covenant – held the Ten Commandments, manna from the desert, Aaron’s rod (Exodus 37:1-9)
·         A table – used to put items on, such as the plates, dishes, bowls and pitchers (Exodus 37:10-16)
·         Lampstand – used to light the sacrificial area (Exodus 37:17-24)
·         Altar of Incense – incense was prepared and burned on the altar (Exodus 37:25-29)
·         Altar of burnt offerings – used to sacrifice the animals (Exodus 38:1-7)
·         Wash basin – used to clean up (Exodus 38:8)
·         Courtyard pipe and drape – bases, posts and crossbeams which held the curtains to divide off the perimeter of the tabernacle area (Exodus 38:9-20)
Some of the items were made with rings so the poles could be inserted and the item carried for transportation.  The tabernacle was made as portable as possible.