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What are all the parts of the priestly garments?

            The priests in the tabernacle (and later the temple) were commanded to wear very specific garments while they were on the job.  They were made from blue-purple-scarlet yarn, linen with gold woven in and the finest decorative embroidery. The descriptions of the items are found in Exodus 39.
·         The ephod – an outer garment, like a finely made apron that covered the breast and hips of the priest.
·         The breastpiece – a piece that attached to the ephod decorated with priceless stones, gold rings and 12 stones, one for each tribe of Israel.
·         A robe – made of blue cloth, with gold bells and little balls of fringe.
·         Tunics and undergarments – worn on the inside of the priest’s garment
·         Turban for the head
·         Sash around the waist
·         A plate (like a large name tag) worn on the turban that said “Holy to the Lord.”