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Can people ever give enough?

Then Moses gave an order and they sent this word throughout the camp: “No man or woman is to make anything else as an offering for the sanctuary.” And so the people were restrained from bringing more, because what they already had was more than enough to do all the work. Exodus 36:6-7
            No.  Most church leaders laugh when they read this question, wondering if there ever could be a time they needed to restrain people from giving because people gave too much.
            In the case of Moses, the people were donating fabric, gold and wood, physical items that needed to be stored and transported.  They were giving towards a project and had more than enough to complete the project.  Limitations in storage could stop giving.
            Sometimes churches may have more than enough volunteers and not enough spots to fill them.  Again, a laughable notion to many pastors, but at some churches it happens.