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Why would God want to dwell in an earthly temple?

“But will God really dwell on earth with humans? The heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built!
            It’s hard to comprehend that God would choose an actual address on earth and ask to live in a building, but he did.  God was not “confined” to that building, but he was present.
            God asked that Solomon build a temple in Jerusalem so his people would know he was right there with them.  It was there they offered sacrifices to God, prayed to him and felt the security of his presence.
            Did it work?  Sometimes, but mostly God became routine and his forgiveness expected.  So then Jesus came to dwell with people in human flesh, to do all the things God did dwelling in the temple – showing forgiveness, power, love and being the ultimate sacrifice.
            Did that work?  Finally it did, however people still take Jesus for granted.  Will God have to return again?  Yes and this time it will be final and all God’s people will dwell with him forever at his home addressed.