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What is the book of Zechariah about?

In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berekiah, the son of Iddo:  Zechariah 1:1
            Zechariah wrote this book around 520 BC that includes a series of visions as the Jews returned to Jerusalem from Persia.  King Cyrus allowed their return and promised to finance the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
            The Lord spoke to the former exiles to show them he was in charge, he had a plan and he didn’t want them to mess up like they did before.  God promised to live among them one day (chapter 2) an obvious sign of Jesus’ coming.  He wanted to restore Jerusalem to a place of influence and peace.
            Specific individuals are mentioned: Joshua, the high priest, and Zerubabbel, the builder of the temple.
            The visions Zechariah saw included:
·         The man on a red horse standing among myrtle trees with red, brown and white horses with him (1:8)
·         Four horns and four craftsmen (1:18)
·         Man with a measuring line measuring Jerusalem (2:1-2)
·         Joshua the high priest standing before an angel and Satan getting clean clothes (3:3-5)
·         Solid gold lampstand with bow at the top and seven lamps with two olive trees (4:2-3)
·         A flying scroll (5:1)
·         A woman in a basket escorted by two flying women (5:7-9)
·         Chariots driven by multi-colored horses (6:1-3)
God spoke through Zechariah to make sure the Jews followed the commands and treated others well.  He wanted to make sure their hearts were right.
God also spoke against a number of nations who hurt Israel (Assyria, Tyre, Sidon, Egypt, Gaza and others).  God promised to punish them.
Zechariah also contains four powerful prophecies fulfilled through Jesus Christ.  (9:9, 11:12-13, 12:10, 13:7)
            In the end, God promised to restore Jerusalem to a great nation that others looked to and saw the Lord working.