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Should Christians forcefully overthrow a government?

“The Levites are to station themselves around the king, each with weapon in hand. Anyone who enters the temple is to be put to death. Stay close to the king wherever he goes.” 2 Chronicles 23:7
            In 2 Chronicles 23, Jehoiada, a priest, led a rebellion to overthrow an evil queen Athaliah who killed members of her family.  The promise to king David from God was that someone from his royal line would always be on the throne (2 Samuel 7:16)
            In order to restore that promise, a good priest felt called from God to overthrow her and put the rightful heir on the throne.
            The promise of a rightful heir on the throne from 2 Samuel 7:16 pointed to an eternal king, Jesus, who right now sits on that throne.  There’s no need to overthrow governments for that reason.
            Christians may be led by God to speak up against human rights violations and religious freedom oppression.  This may lead to a government falling.  Christians may be apart of an army to establish a rightful government to the government.
            However, the church isn’t about rebelling and taking over any kingdom.  Jesus never overthrew Rome even though many wanted him too.  Our kingdom is not of this earth.  Christians must establish God’s kingdom at work, at school, in their homes and neighborhoods.  That’s where the battle is fought.