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How could a mother kill her family?

He too followed the ways of the house of Ahab, for his mother encouraged him to act wickedly. 2 Chronicles 22:3
When Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she proceeded to destroy the whole royal family of the house of Judah. 2 Chronicles 22:10
            Athaliah was the second most corrupt woman in the Bible (behind Jezebel, who she was related to).  She encouraged her son Ahaziah, the king of Judah, to do evil, probably idol and god worship.  Then when Ahaziah was killed, Athaliah killed all of her family and Ahaziah’s family, including her grandsons.  How could a woman do this?
            Power.  She wanted to be in control and make all the decisions.
            Wealth.  She wanted all the money that comes with the kingdom.
            Mental instability.  Her worship of idols turned her into a self-inclusive ego-maniac. 
            It’s unbelievable that a woman would do this (also horrible if a father does too).  Women are maternal, family-minded and have powerful instincts to protect the one’s they birthed inside them.  However, sin is powerful too, sometimes more powerful than the maternal instinct.  At moments like this, we realize how powerful and overwhelming sin can be.