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Why did they shave the beards of David’s envoys?

So Hanun seized David’s envoys, shaved them, cut off their garments at the buttocks, and sent them away.
When someone came and told David about the men, he sent messengers to meet them, for they were greatly humiliated. The king said, “Stay at Jericho till your beards have grown, and then come back.” 1 Chronicles 19:4-5
            Beards were an important part of the Middle East culture (still are).  Shaving one, back then, brought attention to them and apparently ridicule.  2 Samuel 10 said they were greatly humiliated so the beards were important along with the horror of exposing their private parts.
            Leviticus 14 and 19 reveal commands from God to not shave or trim their beards so it was especially important to people in Israel.  The Ammonites may have known this way to bring shame to an Israelite.
            Today shaving beards and our heads may bring some attention but certainly not the level of humiliation back then.  But, imagine our Secretary of State going to another county and them shaving him by force and cutting up his clothes.  It would certainly cause war even today.