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Will we sleep in heaven?

            Some people really love to sleep.  Sleep is important to our lives now to be healthy.  Our body restores itself during sleep.

            But do we sleep in heaven?  There’s no indication Adam and Eve slept before sin, except when God performed surgery and gave Adam an anesthesia.

            After sin in Genesis 3, God pronounced that two things would happen to our bodies.
  • We would have to work very hard.
  • Our bodies would wear out.
            So sin caused a change in the human body.  Now people needed sleep because their bodies were wearing out.

            So do we sleep in heaven?  We do have homes or places to live in heaven, what do we do there?  We all sleep in our homes, don’t we?

            Then again, life will not be toilsome and the clocks aren’t ticking in our bodies, so sleep doesn’t seem necessary.

            Maybe we rest instead. 

 Most importantly we will rest in the Lord because all our troubles will be taken care of in heaven.