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Why did Nephi kill Laban?

According to 1 Nephi 3 & 4, Laban took the brass plates of the genealogies. They were so important that Nephi had to kill his brother Laban for them. What did they contain that was so important that a brother needed to kill another brother?
  • The Five Books of Moses (the Jewish Torah)
  • A history of the Jewish people, down to the reign of the current King Zedekiah
  • The prophecies of the Israelite prophets down to Jeremiah, seen in the Book of Mormon as a contemporary of Lehi
  • A genealogy of Lehi's own ancestors, revealing him to be a descendant of Joseph, son of the patriarch Jacob.
Certainly these were things that appeared in other forms in other places.  The Torah was accessible.  There wasn't one copy of someone's family history locked in one place.  Nor would anyone steal it.  These were documents for all people.

Nor would such records appear on brass plates.