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Will there be famous people in heaven?

If those famous people are New Testament Christians or Old Testament followers of God, then yes, they will be in heaven. Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul, John, Mary, all of them with Galileo, C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln and Reggie White (NFL defensive end).

We probably won’t look at them as “famous,” since their earthly celebrity will be obscured by the magnificence of God.

We will have the opportunity to meet everyone who ever died – the famous and the no-so-famous who never made the headlines, but made history. We have eternity to talk to them and find out about their lives.

Think of all the Bible characters and faithful followers we will meet face-to-face. Missionaries, martyrs, great Christian writers, politicians, celebrities. . .they will all be there and we’ll have time to get to know them.