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Why do Christians hate homosexuals?

It is true that some Christians hate homosexuals.

It is not true that ALL Christians hate homosexuals.

Let’s not forget that some homosexuals hate Christians and some like Christians. So hate is being fired over the bow of both sides. All this to say that the relationship between the homosexual community and Christians is strained.

Sadly, some in the church choose to express disdain for the homosexual community, pointing a gnarled finger at them, singling them out for all our problems in the world. There is no biblical precedent for this kind of reaction.

The only people Jesus showed disdain for were the religious elite who divided themselves up in social classes – those that were religious and those that were sinners. Jesus hated that! The Pharisees made God look divisive and unappealing. Jesus cannot be pleased with the churches that fill their rhetoric with hate and condemnation.

I believe if Jesus lived today, he would visit many homosexual hangouts and invite them to a true, loving relationship with him. Because of the world’s preconception about Christians, Christians need to work harder on their image in this area.