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Why did God make AIDS?

God does not sit in his laboratory coming up with diseases and plagues to wipe out mankind.

In Genesis 3, when man sinned, God said there will be consequences: pain and suffering will result because of our sin.

AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases began (and spread) as a result of sexually promiscuous relationships. If people had sex only within the confines of marriage, these diseases would not spread.

Bacteria and viruses mutate and reproduce on their own. God created the environment for these diseases to occur, but it was never his intention for them to infect and hurt mankind. The ultimate healing will occur in heaven. This was always God’s intention, for us to live healthy lives.

Sometimes God used plagues to bring judgment on groups of people. In the Bible, He always announced these plagues to make clear his intention. Since God has not made any announcement about his attack on our population or any members of humanity, we cannot assume He’s after us with these new “plagues.”

Diseases are not always a direct “judgment” on people and we cannot interpret their spread as a attack on certain groups of people.

AIDS is a result of our own sinful choices and God cannot be blamed for something he does not desire.