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Why are prophecies so important?

Prophecies are divine predictions about the future that come true. God speaks supernaturally to a person and gives them insight into future events and communicates the heart of God. So what function do they serve?

Prophecies provide hope. To the Israelites in the Old Testament, threatened by invasion, the prophets revealed to them God’s plan and purpose. Prophecies showed them that God was not done with Israel yet.

Prophecies prove God’s existence. Only a supernatural God with power over time and space can predict the future accurately..

Prophecies prove the truth behind Jesus’ claims that He was God. Jesus fulfilled prophecies that he spoke and that others spoke a thousand years before he lived! Jesus self-fulfilled some prophecies (riding on a donkey into Jerusalem), but others were impossible for him to orchestrate (the type of death he faced, his birthplace and family line).

One fulfilled prophecy would be called a coincidence. Many fulfilled prophecies, especially when it comes to birth and death, show a power outside our own.