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What is a Muslim's relationship to Allah in paradise?

And give glad tidings (O Muhammad) unto those who believe and do good works; that theirs are Gardens underneath which rivers flow; as often as they are regaled with food of the fruit thereof, they say: this is what was given us aforetime; and it is given to them in resemblance. There for them are pure companions; there for ever they abide. Surah 2:25

The Koran explains heaven as a place of relaxation, focusing on the needs and comforts of the believers. It believes Allah created all of this for the true believers.

Since, in the Koran, salvation is based on the works of the believer, the believer gets all the rewards and all the thanks in heaven, since he has saved himself. Allah is presented in the background of paradise.

This is very different than the Bible’s view of heaven. Since the Bible is based on the works of Jesus Christ, then Jesus gets all the worship and thanks in heaven for saving his people. The most common action apparent in the Bible’s view of heaven is worship given towards God and Jesus Christ.