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What is hell like according to Islam?

In the Koran, the place of judgment is called a number of things: Hell, the place of fire, the place of torment, the place of scourging.
It is clear that the Koran believes that those that reject Islam will go to hell. By denying the revelation of Muhammad, the Koran says they will taste death.

The Koran says in hell people are:
  • Whipped
  • Beaten
  • Branded
  • Bound with chains (105 feet long)
  • Drink putrid water and Decaying filth
  • Scalded by water poured on them, melting their skin, tearing open their bowels
  • Eat thorns
  • Lashed with rods of iron
  • Chained together and thrown into a narrow space
  • Yokes around their neck
  • Dragged on their faces
  • Subjected to scorching winds, Pitch black smoke, Sparks as huge as towers and as bright as yellow camels
  • Not speaking nor are their pleas heeded
The Bible also believes in hell, a place of eternal separation from God. It says in hell people are:
  • Unsatisfied
  • Not refreshed
  • Depressed
  • Weeping
  • Gnashing their teeth
Certainly both books describe hell as a place of misery, but in the Koran’s hell, God actively punishes them. The Bible only describes personal pain, such as loneliness, regret, sorrow, emotions associated with separation, regret and loneliness.