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What is the difference between Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Hinduism, Muslim?

The differences between these faiths are pretty vast and entire books detail their differences. Here is a brief description:

Catholics believe in the Bible plus 13 additional books called the Apocrypha. They acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for our sins, but their religion emphasizes a relationship with dead saints and the after-life works of Mary, Jesus’ mother.

Hinduism believes that man is reincarnated and our good works (karma) help us to achieve the next level of spiritualism after we die. They have thousands of gods and pray to them in their homes.

Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted and the true religion was spoken to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. They emphasize good works and obedience to the five pillars of their faith to achieve entrance into paradise after they die. They believe Jesus was a prophet of God, but he did not die on a cross.

Baptist/Lutheran/Methodist/Presbyterian/Protestantism believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Each of them differ in their presentation of the Bible, worship and how they do baptism. Most of these Protestant faiths began as people left the Catholic church and started their own religions.

Christianity emphasizes the belief that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies of a Messiah, God’s own son, who would take away the sin of the world. These followers of Christ believe that Jesus died for their sins and accepting his sacrifice means forgiveness of their sins and the promise of eternal life.