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Is there sex in heaven?

No. Sex has two purposes: reproduction and for pleasure during marriage.

There cannot be any reproduction in heaven, because it brings up these questions:
  • Would those children born in heaven be saved just because they were born in heaven?
  • What if those children, because they have freewill, choose not to accept God?
  • Are those disobedient children escorted out of heaven to hell if they reject God?
  • Wouldn’t that cause pain for the parents in a place where God promises no pain?
  • If the children grow up, does that mean we age in heaven?
Clearly, for this reasons, there cannot be births in heaven so that means there is reproduction in heaven.

Finally, there is no sex in heaven because there is no marriage in heaven and sex has always been reserved for marriage.

(Jesus said) "At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven."  Matthew 22:30

Jesus told his disciples there is no marriage in heaven and that even the angels do not marry (meaning even angels don't have sex).

Sex sets apart marriage, making it a unique and pleasurable relationship with another person on earth. It meets many needs we have for intimacy and joy in our physical bodies.

In heaven, our relationship with God will be the most pleasurable, exciting and fulfilling relationship ever.

We will not need sex or even desire it because all of our needs will be met in our relationship with God.