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I have a non-Christian friend so how do I share Jesus with them without sounding like a freak?

A freak sounds strange or weird when talking about spiritual things. Here are some ways to not sound “freaky.”
  • If you are passionate about what you believe, people will respect that.  Share if you care.
  • If you are knowledgeable about what you believe, people will understand that your faith is worth knowing.  Share what you understand (OR share as much as you believe).
  • If you have a testimony or story about how God has worked in your life, nobody can tear that down.   Share your story.
People respect passion. People can discredit the Bible or Jesus Christ, but they can’t discredit your story. You were an eyewitness to God working in your life. How can anyone deny that!

Christians will always be considered outsiders to the ways of the world. While we are not “followers” of this earth, we don’t have to act like we’re out of this world. We must always be considerate and understanding, having patience with those who need to hear.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2