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If God murders children, how is that different from abortion?

So give their children over to famine;

    hand them over to the power of the sword.
Let their wives be made childless and widows;
let their men be put to death,
their young men slain by the sword in battle. Jeremiah 18:21

            In the book of Jeremiah, God allowed the deaths of children by famine and war.  He did not just pinpoint children, but women and men too.

            The purpose of the children’s death were much different than abortion.  God punished His people after centuries of disobedience.  The threat of the death of children (as stated here in Jeremiah 18) was God’s hope to deter the people from the path they were on as a nation.  Even the deaths of their children didn’t deter the people from ignoring God.

            God allowed a nation to invade and destroy Judah.  So who is really to blame for the deaths of the children here?

            Abortion is the murder of a child for convenience.  It’s a decision made by the mother, not God.  It’s not really for the good of anyone—not the child, or the mother, not even for the good of the nation as a whole who allows such practices.

            God wanted those aborted children to live.  He had plans and purposes for them.  In Judah, God knew the future of that nation in Jeremiah’s day and they were all headed in the wrong direction.  Only God can make that determination.