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What did Jesus mean when he said he saw Satan fall like lightning?

 He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.Luke 10:18

            The phrase Jesus used did not mean he saw Satan fall from heaven and as a one time event, but more of a collapse of Satan’s domain over the earth.  The actions of the disciples going out and casting out demons had a quick, damaging effect on Satan’s hold and his kingdom began to crumble.  Satan had already “fallen,” meaning he committed the sin of rebellion and was cast out of heaven.  In the books of Job and Ezekiel, both Old Testament, Satan is presented as an outsider to heaven.

            The final fall, end of game, will happen when Jesus casts Satan and his demons all into the lake of fire.  Their ability right now to tempt and cause chaos will end forever.  Final bell for Satan’s final fall.