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Is the name Holy Spirit mentioned in the Old Testament?

Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Psalm 51:11
Yet they rebelled
    and grieved his Holy Spirit.
So he turned and became their enemy
    and he himself fought against them.
Then his people recalled the days of old,
    the days of Moses and his people—
where is he who brought them through the sea,
    with the shepherd of his flock?
Where is he who set
    his Holy Spirit among them…Isaiah 63:10-11
In the Greek, Holy Spirit—Holy (hagios) and Spirit (pneuma)—is named over 90 times in the New Testament.  But what about the Old?
The combination of two Hebrews words—Holy (qodesh) and Spirit (ruwach)—happens only three times in the Old Testament.  References and glimpses to the Holy Spirit happen many times, mainly known as the Spirit of God.