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How come God is never mentioned in the book of Esther?

            There is no mention of God directly in the book of Esther.  This fact almost got the book removed from the canon of scriptures. 
            But upon careful examination of the timing and events, it’s clear God was working behind the scenes.
1.      The timing of Queen Vashti’s removal from her throne.
2.      Esther is a Jew and received the favor of the Persian king Xerxes despite many other candidates for the position.
3.      Mordecai overheard the plot to murder Xerxes, exposed it and got attention in the historical records, which Xerxes read one night and decided to honor Mordecai.
4.      Haman’s character and evil intentions were so perfectly exposed at the right time.
5.      The timing of the edict to murder the Jews worked out perfectly to give the Jews time to defend themselves.
6.      Esther called for fasting and prayer, obviously to God.
7.      The rise of Mordecai (also a Jew) to second in command in a Persian nation.
8.      The celebration of Purim today is a holy event.
God is always working behind the scenes, many times unnoticed, but don’t fail to give him recognition for all He’s done and doing.