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Why would God create Satan if he was going to defy him?

We don't know much about the creation of Satan, but we do understand some ground rules that God had for the creation of mankind and for angels who are a unique creation because they are spiritual beings with a mind and a conscience. 

Both humans and angels have freewill, the ability to choose their own will or God's will, the right thing or the wrong thing, the selfish motive or the motive that helps others.

God created angels, just like man, with the ability to choose.  This is all a reflection of the same freewill God has.  God can choose to love or to hate.  He didn't create Satan to defy him—that would be wrong.  God created Satan to love him, but Satan chose not to.

If God didn't give angels freewill, they would be mindless, instinctual pets, trained to do whatever they were told.  God would much rather have beings that WANT to love him than HAVE to love him.

The only hint we have of Satan's creation comes from a description of the king of Tyre (a rich coastal city in Lebanon) who was so bad the prophet, Ezekiel, compared him to Satan. 

By using this comparison in Ezekiel 28, we see these clues about Satan:
  •          Satan wanted to be a god. (Verse 2)
  •          Satan was the most perfect creation God made, with both wisdom and beauty.  (Verse 11)
  •          Satan was in the Garden of Eden with the job of a guardian angel.  (Verses 13-14)
  •          Satan was blameless at one time.  (Verse 15)
  •          Satan's beauty caused him to become proud.  (Verse 17) 
God's most beautiful creation thought he deserved better.  His sinful heart wanted more recognition and worship.  So he led a rebellion.

Satan isn’t the only defiant one.  We too defy God because we think we deserve more.  We too want to be the gods of our own lives. 

God didn’t create Satan to defy him.  He created Satan to love him.  However, Satan, because he had freewill, chose to love himself.

If God didn't create Satan because he would defy him, then God shouldn't have created any of us.