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Why won't God heal amputees?

We read in the Scriptures of Jesus healing lepers, the handicapped, the blind and we wonder why won't God heal those hurt in war with severed limbs?

But who says having a limb severed is a horrible life?  By losing something like a limb, many have learned a greater appreciation for life.  Today technology in the field of prosthetics is so advanced, even Oscar Pistorius from South Africa could compete in the Olympics.  His story made us cry because Oscar overcame so much.  Oscar could not become a hero if it wasn't for his amputation.  (SORRY, I wrote this before the murder investigation, but you get the point)

Seeing an amputee, gives us an opportunity to feel blessed and to not take our bodies for granted.  When we see someone with an amputation, we immediately feel thankful that we have all our arms and legs.  Also, if everyone had all their limbs and were healthy, we would lose appreciation and turn to expectation.

Nick Vujicic of "Life Without Limbs" has a very inspirational story about living without all 4 limbs.  From him we learn about perseverance and overcoming trials in our lives.  We also see Nick and say, "My day is not so bad."  Nick doesn't see anything missing from his life.  In fact, he sees that he has a more abundant life because of his situation.

If God immediately healed all amputations, we would live reckless lives and hurt others in the process.  The threat of amputation makes us more careful about how we live.

If God healed all amputations, does that mean he would heal all heart attacks or heads severed?  We would want God to heal everything and basically we are telling him that we don't want to die.

But God does promise that amputations will be healed.  Heaven is an ultimate place of restoration, where our old bodies will be put back together perfectly to what they should be.

Joni Erickson Tada, not an amputee but handicapped after a diving accident, considers her situation a platform to inspire and teach to others and says she would not have her life any other way.  Without her disability, she wouldn't have the ability to help others.

Life is not all about physical perfection.  Amputees and other handicapped people remind us of that every day.