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Do Mormons believe all churches are wrong?

In 2 Nephi 28, supposedly written between 559 and 545 BC, Nephi receives a prophecy that says some day ALL churches will be corrupt.  He calls them "great and adominable," whores, "the kingdom of the devil," "grasped with death," and they are all leading to hell.

This certainly fits with Joseph Smith's philosophy. He said during the first vision he received, God the Father told him not to join any church because all of them were corrupt.

2 Nephi 28:18-31 gives all the reasons why the churches became corrupt:
  • The Devil runs them all, calling all the shots
  • The churches say there is no hell and no devil
  • They say everything is okay and it's not
  • They deny the power of God and the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • They say they have everything they need and they don't need anymore (Joseph Smith hints that this means they don't want any more revelation)
  • They anger because of the truth of God
  • They trust in man
Are there churches like this?  Yes.

Are all of them?  No way.

Any good, solid church:
  • Despises the devil
  • Believes in hell
  • Sees corruption within and outside the church, calling out sin
  • Embraces the power of God and follows the Holy Spirit
  • Accepts all the revelation that the 66 Books of the Bible offer and no more
  • Loves God's truth
  • Trusts in God first, then trusts in men who follow God
This is a broad statement, fitting for some churches, but unfairly characterizing all churches.

NOTE: Once again, a person in 550 BC would never use the word "church."  This Greek word was not used to mean a body of believers until Christ said it around 30 AD.  See: