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Does polygamy have biblical support?

No, for two reasons.

ONE, while some Biblical characters were married to more than one wife, God never commanded anyone to do so.
  • Adam had one wife, Eve.
  • Noah had one wife.
  • Abraham had one wife, Sarah, but took a surrogate named Hagar to give birth to a son.  When Sarah died Abraham married another woman, Keturah.
  • Isaac had one wife, Rebekah.
  • Jacob wanted one wife, Rachel, but was tricked into taking a different woman, Leah.  Keeping his promise for the woman he really loved, he took Rachel as his wife, then two surrogates to have more children.  God never told him to do any of this.
  • Moses had one wife, Zipporah.
  • David married many wives.  God never told him to.
  • Solomon married many wives (700).  God never told him to.
  • Jesus never married.
  • Only one apostle was known to be married, Peter, and only one wife was mentioned.
TWO, no person who had more than one wife ever lived successfully, meaning God never blessed them for that choice.
  • Abraham created jealousy and division in his family by having a child with another woman.
  • Jacob created wife/sibling rivalry and caused one son to be sold as a slave.
  • David's second half of his life deteriorated into a soap opera because of his desire for women (Bathsheba especially)
  • Solomon's son, Rehoboam, destroyed Israel, splitting it into two.
Those who quote the Bible to support their polygamous ways are misinformed.  Just because the Bible tells of their behavior, does not mean it supports it.