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How does Jesus fulfill these Jewish holidays?

God asked the Jews to celebrate a number of Jewish holidays.  All of them point to Jesus in some way.

PASSOVER - A day to remember that God passed over those who put the lamb's blood on their door frame and God saved their lives in Egypt.
  • Jesus celebrated Passover with his apostles and told them that his broken body and shed blood would save them from death.  Like the sacrificial lamb, he would keep them from death if they applied His sacrifice to their lives.
FEAST OF UNLEAVENED BREAD - A day to remember how God saved them from Egyptian slavery.
  • Jesus was crucified on this day.  His death saved people from their slavery to sin.
FEAST OF FIRSTFRUITS - A day to celebrate the first harvest.
  • Jesus resurrected on this day.  He was the fruitfruit, the first resurrection on record, with many more to follow in the future.
FEAST OF WEEKS/PENTECOST/SHAVOUT - A day to celebrate the final reaping of the harvest.
  • For forty days the resurrected Jesus walked around and showed himself then ascended into heaven.  On Pentecost, the disciples received an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to equip them to go out into the world and make many followers.  The harvest of new believers began.
FEAST OF TRUMPETS/ROSH HASHANAH - A day that marks the New Year.
  • Jesus offers a new life, a new start to those that believe.
DAY OF ATONEMENT/YOM KIPPUR - A day of rest and purification.
  • Jesus has done everything for us.  We only have to believe and rest because he has made us pure.
FEAST OF TABERNACLES/BOOTHS/SUKKOT - A celebration of God's provision and protection.
  • As believers going out into the world, God protects us and provides for us.  He will be with us always, to the end of the age.  He will never leave us or forget us.