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Will we remember our lives in heaven?

Yes we will remember our lives in heaven, but we will think about them differently.

In heaven, we will see our current lives more in the present and in the future and less in the past.  Our past is very real to us today, with reminders of our mistakes everywhere (people, places, photos, etc.), causing us to always think back and ponder our mistakes.  In heaven, those reminders are gone, so we are more present-dwelling than past-dwelling.

The present joy of heaven will completely outweigh the sorrow of yesterday.

Our attitude will be “what’s done is done.” Why worry about something we can’t change.

We will truly sense forgiveness for all our sins. We may know we are forgiven now, but in heaven we will see the one who forgave us.  Our forgiveness will be more real and tangible.

By remembering our earthly lives in heaven, we will understand our forgiveness. Erasing our memory destroys the joy of our forgiveness.  Plus, if our minds were wiped clean, we could forget who Jesus is and what he did for us.

By remembering our earthly lives in heaven, we will experience the joy of seeing those we knew on earth.  We won't see them according to how they hurt us, but by what Jesus has done for us and them.

We will remember our earthly lives in heaven, but we won’t dwell on them.  What’s ahead of us will be so much more appealing and for once we’ll truly know there’s nothing we can do any longer about the past.  Jesus took care of it all.