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Will I see my pets in heaven? Are our dogs going to heaven?

We believe there will be animals in heaven. Since heaven will be a restoration of the Earth back to its pre-sin state, animals were very much a part of creation and one of the grand achievements of God’s creative abilities.

Now whether our actual pets will be there is another story. While the concept of pets is not spoken of in the Bible, there are some theories we can suggest:

If God feels we need our pets there to make us happy, they will be there.

Our relationship to our pets here on Earth is very important, however, how important will our relationship to them be if we are in heaven enjoying our relationship with God? Sometimes our relationships here are attempts to fill our need for relationships, but in heaven we will be experiencing the ultimate relationship.

When God made man, He breathed His spirit into Him. Man has a spirit. Animals have personalities, but not necessarily a soul.  There’s no guarantee the same exact animals on earth die and go to heaven.  Only humans get that treatment.

And what if you hated your pet, would you want that pet in heaven?  Would you be responsible for eternity to feed that pet and let it out?

Since animals are in heaven, maybe we will make new pets with a lion, a rhino or a koala bear?

We must not forget our primary and most important relationship in heaven will be Jesus Christ.  Our pets help us on earth but they do not save us.