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Why is God so strict with these dietary laws?

“‘Every animal that does not have a divided hoof or that does not chew the cud is unclean for you; whoever touches the carcass of any of them will be unclean. Of all the animals that walk on all fours, those that walk on their paws are unclean for you; whoever touches their carcasses will be unclean till evening. Anyone who picks up their carcasses must wash their clothes, and they will be unclean till evening. These animals are unclean for you.''" Leviticus 11:26-28

When God lays out of the new rules for Israel in Leviticus, he spends a lot of time detailing what animals to eat and what animals to stay away from. Why is that? Is he a dietician?

Actually, yes. God is concerned for our bodies—he made them—and he knows what’s best to put inside them.

I personally don’t mind that camel, vulture and locust are off the menu. I don’t really have a taste for them.

Those on the list are unhealthy animals because of what they eat. The carrion birds eat dead, rotting animals. Pigs eat trash and garbage. The bat drinks animal blood. Eating unhealthy animals can make you sick and God wants us to be healthy.

God also gives this list to test our obedience, as with any law.

Most of all, God wants to reveal the concept of holiness through these animals. God wants us to stay away from things that consume trash, eat dead things, drink blood and the waste of other animals (shrimp).  In a spiritual sense, we should not model these animals and stay away from sin—the garbage and waste of this world that brings us death.