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Why does God create deformed people?

And Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem, because he always ate at the king’s table, and he was crippled in both feet. 2 Samuel 9:15

Genesis 1 makes it clear that what God initially created was good and perfect. However, over time, due to sin and the disruption of our pure DNA, problems occurred.

So God did not “make” deformed people.  His original design for us all was perfection, but sin caused the potential for deformity to occur in our human bodies.

Deformed people are not bad, wrong or evil. They are just different from what others consider “the norm.”  Maybe God allows them to live for other reasons.

Those who experience physical challenges must receive our unconditional love just like anyone else.  David loved Mephibosheth, showing grace to someone who was crippled.  Mephibosheth could do nothing for David, yet David invited him to eat at his table forever.

The handicapped sometimes challenge our capacity to love in a world that laughs at them or hides them away.

In the “imperfection” of the deformed, God can display His perfection.

We must also analyze our idea of deformity.  Are tall people deformed?  Are short people imperfect?  How about fat people or those with big foreheads?  These things challenge our idea of perfection.  Isn’t the only “perfection” found in Jesus Christ and not in physical attributes?

In heaven, with our resurrected bodies, God will restore all bodies to their intended “look,” unscarred by genetic mistakes.

            Until then, God uses people with imperfections to teach us lessons about acceptance and grace, plus our preconceived notions of “perfection.”