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Why do people who do not believe God fear death? How can they fear Satan without a belief in God?

The question asks why people who do not believe in spiritual things fear the concepts of death and evil, which are spiritual things. It’s a good question to ask someone who claims they don’t believe in God. A nice response to an atheist, after asking if they believe in God, would be – “Then you don’t fear death or evil?” If they say they do, then they must believe in spiritual matters such as an afterlife.

I think people who do not believe in God don’t believe in the God of the Bible. Let me explain. I think people grasp spiritual things but refuse to believe in the God who judges people, calls out sin and allows evil to exist. So I think they deny God but deep down are aware of the spiritual mysteries of death.

The same holds true for Satan. Satan is a harder concept to swallow—an evil force that tempts people—until evil happens to someone and they sense the force themselves. Satan becomes a “boogeyman” or the image of the Grim Reaper, instead of the fallen angel determined to bring down God’s prized creation.

Other people who don't believe in God, believe they just cease to exist when they die.  They figure life was meant to be enjoyed then it ends.  This is a fatalistic concept that minimizes any purpose for one's life.  They only fear death because it means the end of consciousness.