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Why did God give us houses, but not the homeless?

A woman came and anointed the feet of Jesus with an expensive bottle of perfume. The religious leaders around the table grumbled and said this money could have gone to better uses, like feeding the poor. Jesus replied:

The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me. Matthew 26:11

Jesus was making a point about worship, but His statement says something about the poor—they’ll always be around. Jesus did not come to promise money and cash to those that follow Him, but eternal life.   Life is different for everyone.  Not everyone is equal.

We could ask the same question about a lot of things.   Why are some people healthy and others are not?  Why are some people successful and others are not?   There are many reasons.

We all have different talents and body types.  Some of us are at the right place at the right time.  Some of us are born into rich families, others are poor.  We all suffer consequences due to our choices.  We all have sins we must overcome. 

Homeless people maybe made wrong choices.  Maybe they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Maybe they are fighting addictions and refusing to get treatment and must pay the price by living on the street. 

There's no one reason for why some get homes and others do not, but we can learn some lessons when it comes to the homeless:
  • Everyone is different and in a different place in their lives. We aren’t all the same, but no one is better than anyone else in God’s eyes.
  • Homeless people are reminders to those with homes that they need to be appreciative.
  • Homeless people are to be taken care of by those with homes, forcing the “blessed” to bless others.
  • Homeless people are opportunities for wonderful testimonies of God’s love and protection when they allow God to work in their lives.