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On Easter weekend, what happened on Saturday?

The Gospels record nothing happening on Sunday. In fact the silence speaks volumes.

As for Jesus, Jesus lay dead for the entire 24 hour period. At least his body was dead. His spirit? His spirit was always alive and in the presence of his Father, waiting for his return to his glorified, resurrected body.

As for the disciples, they were hiding in an upper room - maybe the same one they reserved for the Last Supper - having put a deposit on it for the weekend? Their fear reveals their lack of faith. They know Jesus said that in three days his "temple" (his body) would be built back up (restored), but after seeing such a brutal attack on their friend and leader, could anyone really come back from that?

They hid, fearing the same attack on themselves. Jesus told them how much God was going to use them, yet they still feared for their lives.

Saturday was a day of waiting, pondering and probably doubting.   Saturday tested their patience and faith.  Sunday confirmed their faith.

In some ways it was better for them to wait through Saturday. God needed to work. We need to wait too, while God works things out and prepares us for a glorious day of resurrection. We will all wait for an extended Saturday while God prepares us for resurrection.  We too will have a Friday death, wait for a long Saturday, until our resurrection Sunday comes.

One day we think all our plans are dead, but tomorrow, everything could change.