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Is the Koran truer than the Bible?

How can ye disbelieve, when it is ye unto whom Allah’s revelations are recited, and His messenger is in your midst? He who holdeth fast to Allah, he indeed is guided unto a right path. Surah 3:101

The “truth” of the Koran rests on the three points brought up in this self-verifying statement.
  1. Allah’s revelations – Is the Koran the revelation of God?
  2. His Messenger – Is Muhammad the messenger of this revelation?
  3. The right path – Can Islam direct someone on the true/right path?
If the Koran can prove these statements, then it can be considered true.

We sent down the (Qur’an) in Truth, and in Truth has it descended: and We sent thee but to give Glad Tidings and to warn (sinners). Surah 17:105

Allah's revelation.  How do we know if a message is revealed by Allah?
  • Consistency: If the Koran is truly the revelation of Allah and Muhammad is the messenger, then the Koran will be consistent through and through with its statements.  Allah does not change. That stands to reason that Allah’s revelation would not change or be inconsistent.
  • Prophecies: Predictions of future events are good indicators as to whether a revelation is true or not. The Koran contains no prophecies. Only suggestions for proper behavior. If Allah is truly all-powerful, he would have control and knowledge of the future.
His Messenger: Muhammad claimed to have visions from the angel Gabriel telling him to bring the correct message to the people. There are two ways to verify if someone is a messenger from God.
  1. If a messenger says something will happen and it does, then the people know he is from Allah. As stated before, there are no prophecies written beforehand in the Koran to verify that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.
  2. Other prophets confirm whether the prophet is true.  The revelations of the Koran came only to one person—Muhammad. We only have his word. There were no other prophets of that day that claimed the same message.
The right path: How do we know if the Koran leads us on the right path?  The right path is God’s path. God’s path only comes by His revelation and communicated by His messenger. If the revelation and messenger are not true, then the path is wrong. The path of the Koran is stated only in behavioral modifications—when to pray, how to treat others, business practices. Whether those are true or not, depend on the source.

How does the Bible line up with this “truth” challenge from Surah 3:101?

God’s revelations – God revealed Himself for thousands of years to many different people. While the revelation is progressive, with more and more information being revealed, it is still consistent. Jesus said He came to fulfill the Old Testament, not condemn it or scrap it. There are prophecies about the fate of people to the fate of nations, all of them coming true. Only God could do that.
His Messenger – God used many different messengers at different times and in different places. None of them were perfect (except Jesus), but they were obedient. Their prophecies - nearly a hundred of them - came true and they lined up with the revelations of other messengers. Most times God or an angel spoke directly to them.

The right path – If the revelations and messengers are true, then the message they tell is the definitely the right path.

So which book is more true?