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Is God jealous?

Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Exodus 34:14

Yes, but jealousy is not always a sin. Sometimes it leads to sin, especially if the jealous one is a slave to his/her emotions and lashes out with hatred.

If a husband sees his wife kissing another man, he gets jealous, but rightfully so. The relationship with his wife has been compromised. Trust is broken.

When God sees us bowing to other gods in this world, he gets jealous. He knows he is the best God for us. He knows the other gods will lead us astray and hurt us.

God does so much for us that it troubles him that we go elsewhere for comfort. He knows we are safe when we give our love to him.

But God is not a slave to his emotions, ruled by powerful feelings of revenge. That’s when jealousy goes wrong. Humans get jealous because they’ve been hurt, our self-esteem trampled.

God gets jealous because he knows we’ll get hurt. He does not think less of himself like we do when we get jealous.  He actually thinks more about us!

God reacts passionately and justifiably.

Jealousy shows the level of passion one has for another. God is jealous because he’s madly in love with us.

We should be more concerned if God wasn’t jealous.