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Is all sex bad? Who do you do it with?

Drink water from your own cistern,
running water from your own well. Should your springs overflow in the streets,
your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone,
never to be shared with strangers. May your fountain be blessed,
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer—
may her breasts satisfy you always,
may you ever be captivated by her love. Why be captivated, my son, by an adulteress?
Why embrace the bosom of another man’s wife? For a man’s ways are in full view of the LORD,
and he examines all his paths. The evil deeds of a wicked man ensnare him;
the cords of his sin hold him fast.
He will die for lack of discipline,
led astray by his own great folly. Proverbs 5:15-23

God made our bodies with the capacity to enjoy sex, so God if designed it, He must approve it.

However, as with anything, there must be boundaries and parameters. You can’t have sex with anyone you want. That’s unhealthy physically and emotionally and ruins lots of relationships.

God tells man to be fruitful and multiply in Genesis, so He sees the need and benefit of sex—mainly procreation. He also designed our bodies to enjoy sex, so He sees another benefit—pleasure and intimacy.

Leviticus 18 begins a lengthy outline of who you can’t have sex with. Pretty much anyone is off limits but your wife. Proverbs 5 supports this. We should drink from only our own well (wife) and not let our springs pour out into the streets (others, strangers, any one night stand). Enjoy only your spouse. God examines our ways, it says. Our exploits are in full view of God.

The Song of Solomon is a dialog between a man and his beautiful bride and it’s very sexy talk. It’s in the Bible and it’s very X-rated. God approves a healthy sexual relationship between committed partners. The ultimate commitment is marriage, not empty words of “I promise I’ll love you forever” or “You’re my girlfriend.”

Everyone in the Bible who had sex with someone other than their wife, created some kind of guilt, hurt or damage to their legacy. Are you willing to take that chance?

Sex is bad when it disobeys God's commands and when it hurts others.