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If sex is between consenting adults, what is so wrong with it?

There is nothing wrong with sex. God created it. He made our bodies to respond to it. However, as with anything, there are certain parameters under which sex must operate in order to fulfill its true purpose.

Sex is a complicated expression of physical, emotional and mental components. The partners are being intimate, bearing themselves before each other, trusting each other with their “naked” self. It is so much more than a physical act, but a revelation of their true self.

Once the sexual act occurs, a moment is shared and a bond created. The relationship becomes intimate and wonderful (if they are married) and complicated (if they are not).  They wonder, "I just showed my naked self to another, but can I trust that person?  Is he or she committed to me?  Am I just a means to pleasure or does he or she love the real me?"

God is trying to protect us from the heartache associated with those feelings. While the physical act may be consenting, there are other factors to be considered.

Sexually transmitted diseases.  There are sexually transmitted diseases that occur in promiscuous relationships, especially if one person is consenting with others as well. Diseases cannot be spread if two people are faithful to each other in a marriage and have never had a sexual relations with anyone else before.

Adultery. What if those two consenting adults are married to other people? Is that okay? What about the disintegration of commitment, trust and the family?

Emotions.  Because of the emotional bond that occurs with sex, uncommitted sex causes one party to become jealous if the other is “consenting” with others and no long term commitment is made. Rages and outbursts occur, sometimes to the point of murder.  The law even designates this as a specific type of murder as an “act of passion.”

True love.  Sex is also deceiving. In premarital activity, unhealthy bonds occur between consenting adults who do not really love each other except in bed. They confuse love with sex. They are doomed for a lifetime of arguments and mistrust if they continue to consent.

By waiting to get married before they have sex and making a lifetime commitment of love, the couple will not wrestle with all the intimate emotions that get confused with sex.  Now they can enjoy sex, understanding it not just as a physical act, but an intimate expression of their love.

There are lots of things wrong with sex between consenting adults before they are married and God doesn’t want to see us hurt. Since sex is such a powerful and intimate act, it must be limited to a singular relationship where two people are committed to one another through marriage in the sight of God.