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If God killed Moses, would that make God a murderer?

At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him. Exodus 4:24

The verse states that God was so mad with Moses He wanted to kill Him. Moses was supposed to circumcise his son, but because of disobedience or laziness, he had not done it. His wife, Zipporah, had to step in and save him.

Murder occurs when we kill someone without justification. If someone invaded your home and threatened to kill your family, you would justifiably kill them first. If the Nazis came at you with a tank and you had a rocket launcher, it would be justifiable to blow them up.

If God were to kill someone, it would be justifiable. His purposes are greater. His anger tempered.

God wanted to kill Moses because of his disobedience. He was a leader. Maybe that disobedience would have led to the death of more people if Moses had not learned his lesson. Maybe Moses’ disobedience stood in the way of rescuing his people from Egypt, leading them to the Promised Land, where the Messiah of the world, Jesus Christ, would eventually be born.

Moses’ disobedience stood in the way for millions being saved. Moses saw it as an oversight. God saw it as devastation. That made his desire to kill Moses justifiable.