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Does the jeweled throne hurt that we will sit on?

I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. Revelation 20:4

It would hurt to sit on a big ol’ emerald for eternity, wouldn’t it?

However, it’s a misconception to think that we’ll be sitting on thrones for eternity. Doesn’t sound very appealing to me, nor to any ADHD people who are forced to sit still for a long time.

So who sits on thrones in heaven?

Revelation uses lots of imagery and apocalyptic language in its descriptions and when it uses the word “throne” it means, first of all, the central position of power (the Oval Office has the same connotation for Americans). God occupies that spot. So whether God sits on a nicely decorated chair is not important (Remember, God is spirit and spirits don’t “sit”).  

The Bible wants to make clear that God holds the central position of King.

A throne also represented a place of honor. In heaven, the concept of people sitting on thrones means that they are in a place of honor.

The book of Revelation states that the 24 elders (much debate over who they are) and those that were martyred get to sit on thrones. They may share in some authority over the kingdom and have responsibilities while they are there because of their sacrifice and obedience to God; however they are not considered “the” authority. Only God Himself truly deserves the throne.

Since they bow before God and set their crowns down, they don’t see themselves as having any great authority.

God honors them for their sacrifice to the kingdom and gives them a seat of notoriety.

NOTE: Many other faiths talk a lot about people sitting on thrones for eternity and if you look at how they got to heaven, it was based on their works. They feel they deserve such a high honor because they earned their position there.