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Do popsicles melt in heaven?

What this question really wants to know is what is the temperature in heaven? 

Are there popsicles in heaven?  I’m not sure.  If we need them, God will provide them.

Popsicles melt at any temperature above 32 degrees. Since heaven is a perfect place—and a real, physical place—the temperature must be ideal.  32 degrees is not ideal for many of us.

Since we’ll have bodies that sense temperature, we will be aware of the thermometer.  While this is just a guess, most people find the mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit to be an ideal temperature. 

Then again, what about the polar ice caps, are they a result of sin and will they be done away with?  Of course not.  Penguins are not sinful either.  They like the cold.  Many Eskimos and Minnesotans like the cold.

There will probably still be cold places on the new earth where those who love the cold can live, but as we bask before God in the new heaven/city, the temperature is probably a mild, mutually accepted temperature.